Thursday, June 08, 2006


I am in a reflective mood this morning. I get up early every morning to read my devotional of the day and then read a couple of chapters of my Bible and meditate on them. I try to give myself or rather the Lord at least that hour every day. As I do this, I realize that that is still not enough. I do, through out the day, read books about the Word and living in the Word also, especially the one I am reading right now, To Know Him. It puts in perspective how we evaluate the time in our lives. Now we are all busy people with work and children, etc. But how much time do we give extra activities - entertainment such as TV, movies, video games, sports, reading (not the Word or books about the Word). Even that time is not the Lord's time. When we read His word and praying to Him - that is our time of fellowship with Him.
When you think about all that God does for us, what Jesus did and does for us daily, hourly, every minute of every second of every day, do we not feel a little sad that we maybe give him an hour a day or for some one hour a week and some even less.
We were created to be companions to Him. Adam and Eve walked with Him in the Garden. That was our purpose - He LOVES us and WANTS to fellowship with us. He is our Father. Think of it in that way, how much we love our children. Enjoy being around them. Love the hugs and kisses we get from them. That is also His desire, His want.
I thank the Lord for loving me, watching over me and taking care of me everyday. But as the saying goes "action speak louder than words".


Lisa Renee said...

Inspiring words for THE WORD. So true. Love the new template. Also love you. I really enjoyed our time together yesterday and wish it could have been longer. Sorry to have been a bit of a griper- forgiveness? Hope the end of your week is going well.

Jennifer Binkley said...

Good true. By the way, I like your new "look" here. Have a good weekend!

"A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all." Psalm 34:19